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Spring Virtual Classes starts April 19 ! Do not miss out!

Musicianship 101

Thinking about pursuing singing and songwriting as a career? Come learn all about music history, tips on writing your own song and the importance of theory! This 8 week workshop will bring students all the knowledge and tips they need to know when it comes to singing and songwriting. Register today, you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! 

Sing With Me

Ever thought about enrolling your child in singing lessons but weren’t sure if they would enjoy it? This workshop is for them! Throughout the course of 8 weeks, students will learn the basics of singing through fun and interactive games with students who share the same passion! Singing encourages students to express emotion and build on their muscle memory. 

EZ Theory 

Our first theory bootcamp workshop was a success! We are happy to introduce our new class that will focus on all the important aspects of music theory for beginners! In this 8 week workshop, students will cover the grand staff, note names, scale degrees, triads, key signatures, ear training and sight reading. By the end, students will be more confident in their knowledge and be able to pick up songs faster while playing an instrument. Sign up today! 

Private Music Lessons

Text us today 902.906.2772 to get you started! 

Dance Sing Act 

Does your child like to sing, dance and act? We are introducing our first musical theatre workshop for students ages 7 and up. There will be an in-person and virtual option to accommodate all needs and ensure no one misses out! 

In this 8 week workshop, students will learn all the fundamentals of dancing, singing and acting all in one. When performing musical theatre, it is important for students to be able to portray a character through movement and voice in order to tell a story. Don’t wait to register as spots are limited! 


Toddler Music and Dance Class

Does your child like to dance  to music and act like an animal? We have just the workshop for them! 

Animal Adventure is a music and dance  program, where kids will be introduced to the basic concepts of music  and dancing through singing, movement, games. Each week, students will learn about different animals through song and dance. This is a great workshop to get your little one moving and grooving! 

Preschool Music Class

Meet Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear as they introduce you to the magical word of music.

This program is a comprehensive approach to musical learning that develops singing, movement, and listening skills simultaneously with an introduction to musical styles and theory concepts. Sign up your little one today!